Xiaomi’s New Quad Curved Waterfall Display Concept Phone Has No Buttons or Ports

Xiaomi unveiled a new concept phone via a tweet and their blog on February 5th, 2021. This new concept phone rocks a quad curved display, which they titled ‘waterfall display’, and contains now buttons or ports.

We first heard about this phone back in April 2020, when Xiaomi filed a patent for a new concept device with an under screen camera and waterfall display. They finally showcased the device by releasing promotional images and a video posted on Weibo, but kept most of the details under wrap.

waterfall display concept phone
first look on the waterfall display concept phone

This unnamed phone’s almost entire frame is covered by 88° hyper quad-curved screen, with no room for bezels, buttons or even ports. Xiaomi says this will bring about a “true, port-free unibody design”. According to Xiaomi, this display was achieved through “countless breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology,” They also stated this technology “represents the sum of 46 groundbreaking patents.” It should be noted that we have seen 88 degree curved display in other phones prior to this phone, such as in Mate 30 Pro, or Vivo Apex concept phone, which had curved display on the left and right edges. The curved display itself is no innovation but to have all four sides curved is never seen before.

xiaomi waterfall display concept phone
waterfall display concept phone’s back

Judging from the images, all four sides of the phone are curved at an 88 degree angle. In the promotional images and video, no button or ports were detected on the device. As to how the phone will be charged, it is a part of Xiaomi’s vision of true wireless environment, and will most likely utilize Mi Air Charge Technology, which they announced last week. Mi Air Charge Technology is a new remote technology developed by Xiaomi that allows for true wireless charging, requiring no cables or charging stands. The lack of charging ports on the new concept phone confirms that it will be integrated into the wireless ecosystem Xiaomi is trying to establish.

The phone looks great so far but it’s commercial feasibility and overall usability is something to watch out for. Also the durability of an all screen display is questionable. What your take on this device? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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