Xiaomi announces Mi Air Charge Technology: future of wireless charging?

Mi Air Charge Technology

Tech giant Xiaomi has announced a revolutionary Mi air charge technology, which is capable of charging your devices without any cables or wireless charging stands. They claim that it can charge multiple devices at once within a radius of several meters.

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They stated that this air charge technology can charge your devices at 5w, and physical obstacles between the wireless charging device and your handheld devices don’t reduce the charging efficiency.

How does Mi air charging work

Xiaomi says that this remote charging technology depends on energy transmission and space positioning. The air charge device can accurately detect smartphones in a radius using its built in five phase interference antennas. Each of these five phase control arrays consists of 144 antennas that can transmit millimeter waves to the phone directly.

However, apparently not all smartphones can utilize this technology just yet. As the recipient smartphone must come armed with the necessary equipment to be able to receive air charge.

For the smartphone, Xiaomi states they have developed ‘receiving antenna array’ and ‘beacon antenna’, that are built into a miniature antenna array. This beacon antenna sends the position information of the smartphone to the Mi air charge device. The receiving antenna, which is comprised of 14 other antennas then converts the millimeter wave emitted by the air charge device, making completely wireless air charging possible.

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Xiaomi air charge pricing and availability

So far, Xiaomi has made no comments on when or if they plan to release this technology commercially. Other companies like Energous has been promising to release true wireless technology for a while, but still haven’t been able to do so. So we have to wait and see if Xiaomi can be the first company to pull this off.

Xiaomi claims that Mi air charge technology is compatible with our smartwathces, fitness bracelets, lamps, speakers and other wireless smart home devices. They say that soon our entire home can be turned completely wireless using this technology. If they are able to implement what they are claiming, it will truly be a revolutionary step towards a true wireless environment.

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