Top Social Media Sites in the World in 2021

top social media sites

If we were asked the question, what are the most popular social media sites in the world? Most would rightly guess Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. But there are dozens of other social media sites in the world, out of which we’re listing the top 10 elites based on monthly active users.

1. Facebook – 2.23 billion monthly active users

The biggest social media site in the world is Facebook. Created in 2004, Facebook is the brain child of Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow students. It currently reigns over all other social media sites with a mind blowing 2.23 billion monthly users. Around 65 million businesses use Facebook and 6 million advertisers actively promote their business. It’s easy to get started on Facebook because all content format works great on Facebook — text, images, videos, live videos, and stories, which makes it perfect for personal and commercial use. 

2. Youtube – 1.9 billion monthly active users

Currently owned by Google, Youtube was founded in 2005. It is the biggest video sharing platform in the world with 1.9 billion monthly active users. Around one billion hours of videos are watched on Youtube everyday. It is also the second biggest search engine after Google. Millions of businesses and advertises use Youtube to operate their commercial endeavors.

3. Whatsapp – 1.6 billion monthly active users

WhatsApp is a messaging app where users can communicate via text, images, documents, make voice and video calls. It was launched in 2009 and was bought by Facebook in 2014. Over 1.6 billion active users from over 180 countries use Whatsapp where 100 million voice calls and 65 billion messages are sent everyday, making it the third most used social media platform in the world. WhatsApp has developed its business platform, allowing businesses to build their profile and connect with their consumers and provide support and updates. It has built WhatsApp Business app for small businesses, while medium and large businesses can utilize the WhatsApp Business API.

4. Messenger – 1.3 billion monthly active users

Messenger was initially a built in messaging feature within Facebook. But it was made into a standalone app by by Facebook since 2011. Yes, another top social media platform owned by Facebook. While WhatsApp and Messenger are similar in their basic functionality, the key difference between the two is that WhatsApp is a standalone platform, while Messenger is integrated with Facebooks main structure. Messenger has been given many features and now we can advertise, create chatbots, send newsletters and more. These features have given us a myriad of new ways to engage and connect with each other. Messenger now boasts 1.3 billion monthly active users

5. WeChat – 1.06 billion monthly active users

Previously knows as Weixin, WeChat was founded in 2011. Just like Whatsapp and Messenger, WeChat has evolved from a messaging app to an all in social media site. Unlike our earlier entries, WeChat is almost exclusively used in China. However because of Chinas large population and WeChats huge popularity there, it has made the 5th place in top social media platforms. There are 1.06 billion monthly users, and 902 million of them are active on a daily basis. WeChat has many useful features. Users can send messages and call other users, as well as shop online and make reservations. And unlike many other social media sites users can use WeChat to transfer money and make payments as well.

top social media sites

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6. Instagram – 1 billion monthly active users

The last platform currently owned by Facebook in this list, Instagram was launched in 2010. It was an instant hit, gathering 100,000 users in only a week which increased to one million in the span of two months. It has 1 billion monthly active users today. It is primarily a photo sharing app where we can also share videos, stories, live videos and messages. It also supports Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV – which is a longer version of Instagram shorts. There are 95 million new posts everyday and users like 4.2 billion posts everyday.

7. QQ – 861 million monthly active users

QQ is another instant messaging platform that is primarily popular among among young Chinese people. QQ is owned by Tencent, who also own WeChat. It was launched in 2014, used in over 80 countries and currently has more than 861 million monthly active users. Besides messaging, it allows users to watch movies, play games, blog, shop online and make payments.

8.Tumblr – 642 million monthly active users

Launched in 2007, Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging social media site. It has 642 million monthly users that share texts, photos, videos, audios, links and more. Users post more than 59 million posts everyday. On other socia sites, people usually like to share quick bits of information in the form of images and text. But many people use Tumblr as a blog and publish in-depth posts. Users can customize their blogs as they wish, for these reason many people use tumblr as their primary blog site.

9. Qzone – 632 million monthly active users

Another China based socia platform, Qzone was created in 2005 by Chinese company Tencent. It brings in 632 million users per month. Qzone operates similar to Facebook, where users can upload multimedia, write blogs, play games, and decorate their own virtual spaces. It is different from WeChat and QQ, which are almost exclusively messaging services.

10. Tik Tok – 500 million monthly active users

Tik Tok (Douyin in China) was known as before it was rebranded as Tik Tok in 2016, making it one of the newer platforms. It is a music video sharing app where users can record videos of up to 60 seconds, add effects and music and upload them. It has 500 million active users where its largest audience are in Asia. There are around 13 million new videos uploaded everyday.

These were the top 10 social media platforms in terms of monthly active users. Which ones have you used and which ones are your favorites?

What are the top social media sites in the world?

1. Facebook – 2.23 billion MAUs (monthly active users)
2. Youtube – 1.9 billion MAUs
3. Whatsapp – 1.6 billion MAUs
4. Messenger – 1.3 billion MAUs
5. WeChat – 1.06 billion MAUs
6. Instagram – 1 billion MAUs
7. QQ – 861 million MAUs
8.Tumblr – 642 million MAUs
9. Qzone – 632 million MAUs
10. Tik Tok – 500 million MAUs

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