How to live a happy life : 7 tips

happy life

Have you ever had the experience of having a good day during which you are feeling really happy? Have you ever thought to yourself that you don’t know why you are feeling so good on that day? If you were aware that you were feeling so good but didn’t know why, did you think to yourself that you could lose the good feeling? Today we will see how we can stay happy and not lose that feeling.

1. Never hate.

hatred is catalyst for stress. It only brings about negative feelings which washes away peace and serenity. Negativity and positivity cannot exist besides each other. When you harbor ill feelings towards others your own love for yourself starts diminishing, which ultimately leads to sadness and depression. Feeling hatred towards someone or something over a long period of time can be devastating to the body and mind. It’s responsible for the stimulation of premotor cortex of our brain, effectively changing the chemistry and making us aggressive when feeling hatred towards someone. Causing anxiety, stress and ruining relationships. So getting rid of hatred is a key way to achieve happiness. Maybe check out how to get over hating someone for some tips on that.

2. Be patient.

Patience is one of the best virtue a human can possess. In difficult times, a lack of patience and perseverance can lead to self harm and other dangerous things. It is not easy to remain patient in tough conditions for sure, but the end results make it all worthwhile. Being patient also changes the views of your family, friends and co-workers view about you. They see you in a positive light. Patience helps you face adversity with a clear mind, seeking and finding the best possible solution. According to studies, people who practice patience leads them towards decreased depression and increased positive effects on well-being.

3.Give more.

The act of giving to others induces a sense of satisfaction and peace like no other. Especially during these times there are many people around us in need of help. If we selflessly help them it will only increase our own opinion of ourselves and help us attain happiness. This doesn’t have to money, giving time to others is also a great activity. Volunteering can be a good way to give to the society. Biomedcentral suggests that volunteering can be a public health intervention. Spending time helping others can reduce depression and improve mental health.

Here is a visual reminder :

happy life
7 tips for a happy life

 4.Expect less.

Sometimes we expect a lot from people but don’t get back as much. This leads to a sense of feeling deprived and cheated. Limiting our expectations from others is the best thing to do in all aspects. If we don’t get what we expected, we’re spared from that horrible feeling of emptiness. And if we do get what we expected, the level of satisfaction is much higher. 

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5. Look for positives in bad situations.

If you think your life will be just smooth sailing and without hardships, welcome to the real world. You are bound to have trials and tribulations in life, it’s a guarantee. Since we can’t avoid hard situations, the best thing we can do is look for positives within them. It can be difficult, but difficulty is a constant of life. We must overcome the difficulties in order to attain a happy life. If we can keep a positive approach even in face of adversity, conquering that hardship will just be made easier. A positive approach to life will only bring about good things. Look around you and find a person who’s truly happy, you will discover that they implement an optimistic approach in life.

6. Stay connected with God.

The modern age has connected us with many people from around the world, but disconnected us from God. Spirituality is a strong medium to attain happiness. The many religions in the world tells its followers to seek peace with God. Because a spiritual person has a purpose and meaning of their lives, they feel connected to a broader eternal power, believe in equality and can accept themselves and others as they are. We would like to quote a verse from the holy scripture of the religion Islam that we really liked.

” Those who believe, and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of God, Verily, in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest. ”

Qur’an: chapter 13 verse 28.

7. Be thankful for everything you have.

Be thankful for whatever you have. You might not be famous, the richest or the most beautiful, but so aren’t billions of other people. Instead of comparing ourselves with people who are above us (in status, fame, wealth etc), if we compare ourselves with people below us, we will find a million reasons to be thankful for. You are reading this article right now because you own a phone, computer, tab or whatever, but thousands around you have not a even roof over their heads. So we should thankful for what we have, however little it might be. At the end we will leave you with a question to ponder over: Is there not enough to be thankful for?


The happy life we’re all striving for isn’t far out of reach. Most people associate happiness with money, but according to research, a substantial amount of money may improve the evaluation of life, but it does not improve our emotional well-being. According to them, money can only buy happiness up to about $75,000 – after that, it has no significant effect on our emotional well-being. What it really takes to be happy is a change of mindset and lifestyle. The tips shared above are just some of the changes we found useful in our own lives. They really do work. If you don’t believe us, why don’t you give them a try yourself?

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