How to Know if Someone Likes You – 10 Sure Signs

Often times we find ourselves being attracted to a person of the opposite sex, are unable to tell if they like us back. This can cause awkwardness and one wrong move can destroy the potential of building a relationship. Well, this age old dilemma is nothing new. We all have had this experience when we think we’ve found a special someone and want to move forward, but don’t know they feel about us. This feeling can be nerve wrecking and can spoil our chance at happiness. Fortunately, there are some psychological signs that a human displays when they like someone around them. If you are aware of these gestures, you can avoid a lot of heartaches. Today, we’re looking at some of the signs to know if someone likes you.

how to know that someone likes you

1. Look at their feet

This may sound weird at first, but the direction of someone’s feet are pointing at can tell a lot about that person’s feelings. When they’re talking to someone else, but their feet are pointing at you, they subconsciously want to get your attention. It is actually one of the sure signs when it comes to human body language. It is also one of the earliest signs of interest, rest of the signs usually follow this one. Next time you’re around someone you like, don’t forget to check their feet!

2. They preen around you

Preening refers to the action of a person devoting effort to make themselves look attractive to their person of interest. In this case, we’re referring to them fixing their clothes and hair when they’re around you. Must look good to make an impression after all! In the same vein, both men and women are very sensitive when it comes to someone touching their hair. People generally don’t like it when someone touches their hair, unless it’s by someone they like. If the person you like lets you touch their hair, then they genuinely like you.

signs to tell if someone likes you

3. Notice the position

Another way of learning how to know if someone likes you is to observing their positioning. Whenever you’re walking with this person, notice their position around you. If they are walking ahead of you, from a psychological standpoint, this means that they’re more interested in themselves than in you. If they walk behind you it’s possible that they like you, but the ideal position is they walk beside you, maintaining the same pace. This is a sign that they like to be with you.

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4. Eye contact

People don’t like to make extensive eye contact with people they don’t like. They don’t meet their eyes, and blink a lot to try to avoid looking at their eyes for too long. But if they are talking with the someone they like, they tend to make eye contact on a regular basis, and don’t blink very often. There’s a fine line between locking eyes and staring though. Staring at someone without batting an eyelash can come across as just creepy. If they feel uncomfortable, they typically turn their head to break eye contact. If you’re maintaining mutual gazing with someone, this is how to know if someone likes you.

5. Remove obstacles

When a person is communicating with the person they are attracted to, they remove any obstacles between them. It can be couches, cups, glasses or any other object. If two people are talking who don’t like each other, they do the the opposite and put objects between them. For example, if the woman you’re talking to is holding her bag in front of you, you can safely guess that there’s not a lot of interest from her. On the other hand, if both of you are sitting side by side on a couch, removing the pillows from between you can mean attraction.

how to know that someone likes you

6. They mirror you

A psychological trick to get someone to like you, is to mirror or mimic someone’s body language. Whatever the other person does, you copy them. This creates rapport and connection on a subconscious level. Funny thing is, even people who don’t know about this trick, they do it subconsciously to establish a connection with the person they like. If you notice someone you’re talking to is copying your body language and actions, it’s a sure signal that they like you. Don’t follow them immediately though, try doing this after a few seconds.

7. Expansive posture

If the person you like is near you they stand or sit in an expansive posture. That is, they keep their back exaggeratedly straight, stand taller, suck their stomach in. This is done by both men and women, but mostly noticeable in men. Men do this subconsciously because it’s a hint of dominance, and a good posture makes them look more attractive.

how to know that someone likes you

8. You’re funny

Whenever this person is around, suddenly you feel like the funniest person on earth. They laugh at all your jokes, funny or not. Even the slightest of humor coming from you is enough to make them roll on the floor laughing. This comes from a sense of happiness and comfort they feel around you.

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9. Open arms

If you’re talking with someone and that person is crossing their arms across the chest, they probably don’t like you. Crossing arms is a classic gesture of defensiveness that people do in awkward and uneasy situations, which indicates they are not comfortable around you. On the other hand, if their arms are open and they maintain an open body language, it means they’re comfortable being around you. 

10. They remember everything

How to know if someone likes you? When someone likes you they remember all the small details about you. This shows that they pay their undivided attention when they’re talking to you. If they’re busy their phones or taking pictures or chatting with someone while you’re talking then they’re not paying attention. When someone likes you, they notice and remember all the minor things about you. They can’t help but absorb all of the things that might seem unimportant to you. 

Notice any of these signs from the person you like? You might be in luck!

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