Characteristics of a Good Sample Design in Research

During research studies, researchers have to make sure that accurate statistics and calculations are obtainable from a given sample. In order to ensure this, a good sample that correctly represents the population under study must be developed. A good sample in research studies must contain some characteristics that allow perfect measurements. If the researcher makes sure the developed sample contains the following characteristics, a faultless research can ensue.

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Characteristics of a Good Sample Design in Research
Characteristics of a Good Sample Design in Research

Characteristics of a good sample design:

1. Sample design should be a representative sample: A researcher selects a relatively small number for a sample from an entire population. This sample needs to closely match all the characteristics of the entire population. If the sample used in an experiment is a representative sample then it will help generalize the results from a small group to large universe being studied.

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2. Sample design should have small sampling error: Sampling error is the error caused by taking a small sample instead of the whole population for study. Sampling error refers to the discrepancy that may result from judging all on the basis of a small number. Sampling error is reduced by selecting a large sample and by using efficient sample design and estimation strategies.

3. Sample design should be economically viable: Studies have a limited budget called the research budget. The sampling should be done in such a way that it is within the research budget and not too expensive to be replicated.

4. Sample design should have marginal systematic bias: Systematic bias results from errors in the sampling procedures which cannot be reduced or eliminated by increasing the sample size. The best bet for researchers is to detect the causes and correct them.

5. Results obtained from the sample should be generalized and applicable to the whole universe: The sampling design should be created keeping in mind that samples that it covers the whole universe of the study and is not limited to a part.

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