Amazing Psychological Mind Tricks to Get What You Want

Ever wish you could make people like, remember or agree with you with a snap of your fingers? Believe it or not, its actually possible to use some simple mind tricks to psychologically compel them to do as you say. These mind tricks are easy to remember and perform, but has great impact on the person you are using them on.

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1. Mirror peoples body language

Mirroring or mimicry is to copy someone’s body language or speech patterns. Research suggests that mimicking someone’s body language is likely to make them identify with you on a subconscious level, which makes them more likely to do what you want. You probably heard that when someone likes you, they copy your body language. Well it works the other way around too. Just start by copying their body language after about a delay of 30 seconds. for example, if they cross their arms, wait for half a minute and do the same. But don’t make it too obvious otherwise they will just be creeped out.

2. Nod Your Head

An action as simple as nodding your head can take you miles. Just nod to increase your chance of getting what you want. In a study conducted in 1980, scientists found that people are more likely to agree with someone when they nod while listening to them. So nod your head while talking with people or when asking them for something, chances are they will start to mimic you and nod their head without even noticing, which will significantly increase your chances of making them comply with your request.

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3. Use the word “because”

If you want to make people agree with your argument, use the word “because”.  In 1978, a professor of psychology at Harvard named Ellen Langer conducted an experiment where three groups of people had to try and break in on a line of people waiting to use the copy machine. The first group made simple requests to the person in front of them while the other two groups made a request then went on to give an excuse after saying “because”. Their lines were:

  • “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine?”
  • “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine, because I have to make copies?”
  • “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine, because I’m in a rush?”

A staggering 93% of people complied with the second and third groups requests. Even when their excuse was not very compelling, the success rate did not decrease. They made requests such as :

“Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine, because I have to make copies?”

Despite being a sorry excuse, people couldn’t decline their requests. Using the word “because” is one of the mind tricks no one will see coming. So make it a habit to use this word when presenting an argument or requesting for something to get people to take notice and comply with you.

4. Be the first or last one

Human psychology dictates that we usually best remember the first and last parts of an event, while the middle part tend to fades away from memory. This is called the Serial-position effect. To make an impression, make sure you are either the first or the last one to interact with the person. For example, if you’re at an important interview, try to arrange things in a way that makes you the first or the last person interviewed. This will make you stand out and remembered in a large crowd. However, it doesn’t mean you can come away a winner without putting in any effort, this just helps you make a lasting impression.

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5. Make people feel good about themselves

If people have a good perception of you, they are more likely to respond favorably to your requests. In other words, make people feel good about themselves so they will act good with you. A persons perception of you shapes their conduct towards you. If you can make them like themselves more, there are high chances that they will like you more, and in turn accept your solicitations. Complimenting them, laughing at their jokes etc. can be done to achieve this. Don’t overdo this though, as this can make you come across as an adulator.

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6. “Door-in-the-face” technique

The Door-in-the-face technique is a well known mind trick where you make a large request and scale it down. It is an acknowledged strategy where you make a huge request to the other person which they are sure to turn down, then keep scaling it down until you get to your actual request. If you do this, there are higher chances of acceptance. Researchers say that this trick works due to principle of reciprocity, where if the person says no to your first request, they feel like they owe you, therefor feeling compelled to accept your subsequent request.

7. Ask for favors when they’re tired

When you confront someone who is mentally and physically worn down, they are more likely to agree. Because they feel exhausted and just want to get over with the confrontation. This kind of mind manipulation techniques can be found in car dealerships, where dealers bombard you with information to try to wear you down into buying the car. The strategy is simple – deplete their physical and mental energy, then win them over.

8. Mind TricksSmiling

Smiling is a universal language that gives out the sense of happiness and serenity. Smile when talking to someone to connect with them on a subconscious level. Smiling at appropriate times, smiling back at them in a conversation helps build an environment of happiness, and they will think twice before ruining that feeling by rejecting your request. Besides, smiling is good for your health too!

These were the top 8 mind tricks to get people do what you want. Which ones have you tried, and which ones are more useful? Let us know.

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